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Security Decision Support System
in Computer Systems


SecTrap™ is a security suite that is built on a novel and proprietary Virtual Machine Behavioural Introspection (VMBI) technology and complements existing software security systems already invested by organisations. SecTrap™ ensures that protected assets are inaccessible to malicious software and uses advanced AI to detect, block and report abnormal behaviours.

We want to be the first to commercialise this novel solution that is designed to protect critical urban infrastructures and soft targets against new and imminent cyber attacks.



Our goal is security breach detection.

The system is presented in the form of new machines, applications or services that are installed in your network. They are honeypots designed to lure attackers in, by looking legit and being easy to breach.





The operating system and network activity will be recorded and processed with the use of artificial intelligence techniques, including regression, data prediction and automatic learning.

As we are not detecting intrusion based on signatures, we are able to detect vulnerabilities that are not documented yet, known as zero day exploits.


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